Meals w/ Matty! MwM – Full Day of Eating Ep.2

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February 3, 2019
February 3, 2019

Meals w/ Matty! MwM – Full Day of Eating Ep.2

Meals w/ Matty! MwM – Full Day of Eating Ep.2
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Here is a video of a full day of eating showing you all of the food I consumed throughout the day and providing you with the calories and macros of the daily totals. Food choice is something that always changes as I believe in flexible dieting and not restricting yourself when it comes to your meals. What’s important is focusing on micronutrient dense, minimally processed whole foods for the majority of your intake, while getting in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and plenty of water!

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  1. Jim Jones says:

    why the fuck would you eat hot dogs what a Dumbass

  2. scale died your reaction was priceless.. ha,ha,ha,

  3. matty the way u eat is weird why

  4. Dave Rynecki says:

    Have you ever added guar gum to your shake? It will add fluffiness and volume to your shake!

  5. my new favorite channel!

  6. madbaby169 says:

    Awesome vids earned a new like and sub man! Keep up these videos! 😀

  7. steffmeister says:

    These series just earned yourself another sub. Love it! We could really use the amazing products you buy here in Norway. Amazing macros.

  8. brad janota says:

    Where do you find a scale like that?

  9. NielsNy says:

    This is epic! Good videos keep it going

  10. Do you ever watch how much sodium you consume?

  11. Bruh! Your foods are hella good I am thinking about making them tomorrow

  12. More videos like this

  13. When you said the hot dog isn't a BBC hahahahaha

  14. dude your videos are fantastic. Great job but please from a fan and a subscriber stop putting the mic so close to your mouth when you are eating/chewing.

  15. That shake with cereal looked good, a def try.

  16. OP Fitness says:

    I tried your frotein its great

  17. hahahahahahahahah ifound the condom  king isearch for this 2 days 

  18. I would hate measuring out all these foods and putting the info into an excel file lol…… just eat when your body tells you, focus protein, watch your carbs and fats. yikes

  19. Sam Durward says:

    Please more of these

  20. Reese's puff's with that strawberry protein shake… one of the most epic things I have seen in my life! I really want to try that one day!

  21. Matt Parker says:

    There's a lot of things in that I would've never thought you eat to maintain yourself.

  22. Sun Mastodon says:

    i dont know why i enjoyed watching this…

  23. guys get to eat SO MUCH FOOD…

  24. Keep making meal videos

  25. How did you make the first shake? What was in there in addition to the cereals? I would like to make the same!!!

  26. Bella Joy says:

    Learning a lot! Love the videos. Thanks!

  27. SL Survival says:

    i love these videos. please keep making more

  28. "Do you guys actually like this shit?" 12:25 way to make me feel like a pathetic piece of shit for watching this video haha

  29. LOVE the channel. Your story and vids INSPIRE and MOTIVATE me.
    Great meal and cooking ideas. Really helps.

    By the way, I hear everyone talk about daily macros:
    How do you figure out what your daily macros need to be?
    How much protein, crabs, fiber, etc?
    How do I learn what my daily targets need to be?
    I'm 44 yrs old, weigh 205, looking to lose fat and gain more muscle. I'm at 19% body fat (I know thats high) and want to get below 10%.
    I'm a runner and just got back in strength training. Need to add more size.
    Thanks for the help and motivation.   Ted

  30. andale beto says:

    how does he end up with perfect macros at the end of the day? ive been eating chicken breast and brown rice for days lol

  31. like how often you eat like every three hours!?

  32. Love it. Would like to see the stuff in recipe form in the description box though just incase if we would like to make what you made! 😉

  33. your videos are good bruh, keep em comin

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