Thyroid | Pcos Meal Plan For Working People / Office Goers – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – 5 kgs

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February 10, 2019
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February 12, 2019

Thyroid | Pcos Meal Plan For Working People / Office Goers – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – 5 kgs

thyroid diet (hypothyroid diet) plan for working people, how to lose weight fast- 5 kgs, full day indian meal plan – pcos/pcod weight loss diet plan #skinnyrecipes …



  1. lovejeet bhatia says:

    Hey nisa thanks for the new diet,I have consumed moringa leaves for 2 months and my pcos is cured completely,u are doing a great job god bless you

  2. Homemade chocolates Sania says:

    Thank you so much 😍😘

  3. Anu Tawar says:


  4. Daxa Kadchha says:


  5. sumayya m says:

    @lovejeet…..did u get ur periods regular…pls reply

  6. syeda masnoon says:

    I read that the thyroid patients should avoid peanuts completely.. how come peanut butter I can eat?

  7. shabitha ammu says:

    Wat abt the nyt shift people

  8. Khushboo Dhawan says:

    Love you so much mam

  9. Richa Harlalka says:

    Hi Mam, I reduced 1.5 kg in 3 days, but how soon can we shift to having normal food? How gradually should we start it? As the weight comes back as soon as you start taking normal salt in meals. Please suggest.

  10. Laxmi Srivastava says:

    Please mam pcod per hindi me deit food batage

  11. Samreen Shah says:

    Dear mamm what is dosh?

  12. Sangeetha Priya says:

    Hi mam I have the same problem my weight is 70 am 29 age howmany months I should follow mam pls pls reply me

  13. Vignitha Vignitha says:

    Madam we can have cornflakes with milk

  14. shuchita dhiman says:

    Wow…while watching this video I feel so good and healthy… definitely going to try.. thanks

  15. S Banerjee says:

    For diabetes gv something

  16. Swetha Mandavilli says:

    Hai mam i started this dite from yesterday onwards mam…cant able to eat banana n coconut plz suggest me alternative for breakfast….little millets dosa n moong dal dosa was awsome mam…but daily little millet n moong dal dosaes if i ate may b it was bored…so plz suggest me the alterrnatives for these….i have typhriod n pcos problem…plz suggest me mam thank u

  17. elakiya r says:


  18. ayeza khan says:

    Plz tell me that I start my day with thyroid medicine.. Now I should I take my medicine with the detox drink or first the medicine then wait for half an hour then detox drink and then follow up.. Plz reply asap

  19. Sahenaj Bappa says:

    Is it good to eat dt much coconut daily??? I think coconut is a source of fat

  20. shikha tewari says:

    Are you a dietician?

  21. Akshatha Bhat says:

    Hello maam, Could you please suggest a 7 days meal plan for office goers with Thyroid | Pcos problem?
    Eagerly waiting!


    Madam can i use Olive oil instant of coconut oil

  23. Geeta Baharani says:

    So helpful.

  24. Gayathri devi says:

    Which type of banana should we boiled. Because when I tried it doesn't turned to yellow in colour.

  25. Ainymaher Nasir says:

    Hi plz tell me what is dosh

  26. nushant naik says:

    Why we steam that bananas????

  27. aarya vijay says:

    Hi mam can we add country sugar in tea

  28. varshaa yadav says:

    What kind of tava is this you’re making dosa on

  29. deepty menon says:

    Thank you ma'am . Well is this normal or Kerala banana…

  30. Have Fun says:

    Mam please please please tell peanuts can be consumed in hypothyroidism

  31. sriyal Nikam says:

    we have to use moondal batter for uttapam n dosa both???

  32. Taiba Afrin says:

    Can you talk to urdu plzzz mam

  33. bhavani 2209 says:

    Can I eat brown rice in lunch time

  34. munnustar 50 says:

    mam. can Apple and banana eat?? I mn they have sugar content

  35. Rupali Dwibedy says:

    Mam am a big fan of yours .always am following you so mam please give some tips what to do for borderline thyroid.

  36. ROSHNI JAYA says:

    Hi Nisha chechi
    I had moongdal dosa, but due to gastric problem next day morning I got pain in my stomach… I have added ginger and garlic to the dosa maavu. Is it ok…

  37. roshni trivedi says:

    Hello im confused can i consume whole wheat flour ? In pcos

  38. Lavanya MS says:

    You are Amazing

  39. Manpreet Kaur says:

    I want to ask you going gluten free will help with thyroid being normal or so

  40. mohana priya says:

    Shl I use Grated natural raw turmeric instead of powder

  41. Jamila Zinna says:

    I was told peanuts & moong daals are not good for hypothyroid

  42. MandaPanda1672 says:

    These recipes look really good! I'm gonna try that coconut chutney later. <3 Looking forward to more recipes!

  43. Jigna Annie says:

    Hi mam, banana(ഏഀࡍഀΰ΄ͺࡍΰ΄ͺΰ΄΄ΰ΄‚ ) weight gain cheyumenu ketitund. Ee brkfst daily kazhichal weight koodumo? Pls reply me

  44. Javad Ahmed says:

    Please make video of how to plan ahead for any meal plan thanks

  45. ram venkat says:

    Plz mam give tips for ovary egg growth for newly married couples

  46. Pradeep Rajan says:

    Can u please upload feeding moms diet plan

  47. lakshmi annapurna khandavilli says:

    Can I add flax seed drink in this plan pls do reply mam

  48. Mukta Tandur says:

    Hi Nisa.. I do follow ur videos n tips too in my daily life..
    I have a question, after watching this video as you said morning breakfast as banana n coconut but wat type of banana I should use .

  49. aishwarya896 says:


  50. Abc Def says:

    Hi …can we eat peanut chutney … can we eat nuts as snacks … I am overweight by 20 kgs … I have thyroid … plz suggest any workout also …plz reply

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